Welcome to my blog for the Mangapapa School Arts Programme.

I have been a primary school teacher for 29 years and have the delightful job of teaching Art and Music to the 500+ students at our great school. 

This blog is to share the artwork our students have made when they've had their whole day workshops in the Art Class. 

I take inspiration for my teaching from many sources. My thanks to teachers from all over the world who share great ideas on their blogs and Pinterest. I hope others will be motivated to try my ideas too.


 Year 5 Paul Klee Cats

 Year 3 - Hot/Cold Mountains

 Year 1 - Fruit Slice 
Medium & Fine tip marker, Crayon, Dye

Year 4 - Neighbourhood
Paper and Card Construction - Collage/Relief

Year 2 - My Family 
Marker,  Dye, Magazine collage

Year 6 - Self Portraits
Pencil / Crayon / Magazine collage

Year 5 - Autumn
Markers & Crayon

Year 5 -Rough at sea

Year 2 - Penguins at the Fancy Dress
Crayon and Dye

Year 3 - Angry Birds
Paper Collage/Relief

Year 2 - Splat the Cat
Indian Ink, pastel and a straw

 Year 5 - Self Portraits
Fine tipped marker, Crayon and Dye

Year 6 - Bike Bits
Collage Road Maps and Pallete Paint

Year 4 - Wanted Posters
Crayon and Dye

Year 1 - Houses on Dictionary Road
Collage - dictionary pages, paint, black pastel 

Year 3 - Autumn
Collage - torn tissue & dictionary pages.

Year 3 - Our favourite bugs
Palette paint and acrylic in squeezy bottles

Year 3 - Sunrise over Mangapapa
Water colour and pastel 

 Year 5/6  - Ooze and Squeeze
Sharpie and Jovi

Year 6 - Foreshortening
Felt tipped pens.

Year 1 - Zebras
Collage paper and wool

Year 2 -  Kia Ora Kiwi
Collage - card, paper and black glue

Year 6 - City Scapes
Pastel and fine tipped marker

Year 1 Hot and Cold
Water Colour 

Year 5 - Chinese Dragon Masks
Pastel on A2. Group Activity

Year 5 - Value
Pencil and photos from magazines

Year 1 - Swish Fish
Palette paint & acrylic in squeezy bottles

Year 3 - Monsters in the City
Mixed Media